MINImilism according to MINI Connected

The MINI Connected App for iPhone includes a handy tutorial on MINImalism – getting the most out of the class-leading fuel economy of your MINI.

Accelerate gently to drive economically.

In the interests of fuel consumption, you should not exceed a maximum speed of 130 km/h (80 mp/h).

Drive smoothly by anticipating as much as possible. Lift off early from the accelerator pedal and let the engine overrun – this means your MINI does not use any fuel. When approaching aa red light, for example, change down another gear if necessary and when braking, only release the clutch at engine speeds below 1,000 RPM.

Coasting is worthwhile during longer periods of deceleration. To do so, simply release the clutch. When coasting, your MINI only requires the fuel used when idling and can travel for longer than when you stay in gear and let the engine overrun. Please note: coasting and braking at the same time is not economical. Stay in gear while braking, only allowing your MINI to coast during phases when you will accelerate again afterwards.

Ranking for efficient deceleration:

  1. Coasting without braking
  2. Coasting & overrunning
  3. Overrunning
  4. Overrunning & braking
  5. Coasting & braking
  6. Braking

Gear Changes
To drive as economically as possible, change up gear early, i.e. before 2,000 RPM. If possible, drive in the penultimate gear in urban areas (5th) and always in top gear (6th) outside urban areas.

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